Monday, July 11, 2005

University of Berkley grants cat a Master Degree for money "Last year, the Pennsylvania attorney general's office decided to sue an institution its officials called a 'diploma mill,' after Colby Nolan, their undercover student, got his master's degree in business administration. The fact that Colby is a pet cat bolstered their case. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday against another institution the attorney general said is a diploma mill, the office is going for the University of Berkley's jugular, and it isn't bothering with pet tricks. The lawsuit, filed in local court in Erie County, where the business is based, charged a former New Mexico state trooper, Dennis Globosky, 50, with selling thousands of fake degrees in the United States and abroad, since the late 1990s, and operating under a bogus accreditation institution. Along with the complaint, the attorney general asked the court to immediately shut down Berkley's operations. After several hours of review Wednesday morning, the judge granted the request. 'Defendants knew their worthless, fraudulent degrees, phony accreditation, bogus faculty, falsely portrayed physical facilities -- would be used to mislead employers,' the complaint reads."