Thursday, August 13, 2009

Local Cat Gets GED

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According to the US Census, in 2000, 3 million American adults lacked a high school diploma. In 2008, more than 700,000 people took tests for General Equivalency Diplomas or GEDs, more than ever before. With so many people striving to further their education with GEDs, the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure those degrees are legit.
Oreo the cat spends her days doing typical cat things and some not so typical.
Oreo's so smart, she has something many people don't: a GED. She got her diploma from Jefferson High School Online. Collins took the test for her, but found out it doesn't take a genius to pass.
Janet Kelly with Middle Georgia Technical College in Warner Robins says true GED programs don't give clues to the test answers and don't give credits for life experience.
Collins says a school that gives a GED to a cat is the wrong place for a human to get theirs.